Students build-up their creative muscle at ASPIRE!

Knock down personal and psychological barriers that block creative expression with Palette Up! Art Soirees, our Adult Art Program.

The ‘shoulds’ and ‘who’s best’ go right out the window. We present young and older adults WITH the “creativity” skills to break through the barriers of self-judgment and the pressures of competition. Classes focus on relaxing, creative problem solving, letting go and HAVING FUN!

If you can Dream. You can Draw.

All programs put a strong emphasis on creating the right classroom environment.

Individual performance is greatly enhanced by a sense of safety and well-being. When students are in a safe and nurturing environment, they will thrive and creativity will flourish.

Art is all about feeling the freedom to take risks, to explore the unknown, to trust your own judgment.  Because when you are free to dream, you find the power to create.